Thursday, May 3, 2012

No April Showers... But May Is Sure Blooming!

I'm sorry for not updating... it's been quite a hectic April and now I've heard that it's already May. I'm still trying to believe that rumor...  :D

Wondering what's been going on? 

Baby Cadence, Charles and myself moved to 'The Big Sky' state: MONTANA. We're fortunate enough to be living in a decent size house that has great, open space for us to start the family garden business. Not only that, the house is nestled in the convergence of two rivers: The Yellowstone and the Tongue River, which if you know what that means, well watered and cared for plants... the more delicious and pure they taste! 

I'm not allowed to do much under doctor's orders but I try to keep the house clean, water plants, letting the chickens run in and out of their pens, start seedlings and brainstorm fun ideas to transform this place into a floral and vegetative oasis!! The most credit goes to Charles and his mom, Kristi who have worked so hard on plowing and tilling the acre of land we're planting on. 

We have also been raising chickens, turkeys and ducks. The ducks are my favorite, being funny looking with really no wings to speak of. We also have been taking care of laying hens and have gotten pretty decent sized eggs. They are by far the best I've ever eaten, and that's coming from someone who absolutely does not like eggs in the first place. 

Other than trying to fix our house up, baby proofing, planting seeds, and feeding our birds AND maintaining 22 fruit trees, things have been pretty swell!! We can't wait to see how this place transforms! It's really coming along for us being here only a month now. 

Looking for some bonding time with us and the earth? We would love for really passionate people to come help us! Any one who would love to get their hands dirty and really live by being self sustainable and organic/natural raising of fruits/vegetables, chickens and meats, then come out for a few days or a couple weeks. 

Pictures will be up soon! 

It's kind of a waiting now for when Cadence will arrive... counting down the days! 

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