Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Covered in Chocolate

Valentines Day may have been a month ago, but that didn't stop me from making one of the most romantic symbolizing fruits covered in chocolate today. Yes, I'm talking about chocolate covered strawberries! This is such a simple dessert to make, that it's appalling how much restaurants and grocery stores charge for one. Personally, (like most cases), home made foods are always better, esp. when using wholesome organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Strawberries, Bitter Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips (60 % Coco), Heavy Whipping Cream, Glass Bowl, Cooking Pot, Parchment Wax Paper, Water, (Optional: orange zest) and a non-stick cookie pan.  

I made two different batches to see which flavor tasted best. Personally, the dark chocolate was my favorite even though I'm not a huge fan of bitter chocolate. 
        1. Creamy Chocolate Covered Strawberries
        2. Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

1. Always rinse your fruits and vegetables weather or not it's organic. But it's best to give an extra rinse to fruits that claim to be 'All Natural' and non-organic foods. 
               TIP: Ask your local co-op if they have specials on bulk fruits. Usually, if your a member you can receive a decent discount. ... Always a great choice!

2. Shake up heavy whipping cream carton, to break up cream molecules. 

3. You don't need a large glass bowl, but a big enough one to sit in a sauce pan without the bottom of the bowl touching the bottom of pan. Fill the sauce pan with no more than an inch of water. 

4. Add 6-8 oz of bitter sweet chocolate chips with 3-4 oz of heavy whipping cream (use however much cream you want if your not a fan of the bitter taste of dark chocolate). Melt chocolate over a medium-low heat. Melting time takes less than 5 minutes with continuous stirring. 

5. Lay down a sheet of parchment paper in a flat non stick cookie pan. 

6. Grabbing strawberries from the leaves/stem, dip berries into the melted chocolate in a twirling motion making sure the majority of the berry is covered. 

7. Lay chocolate covered straw berry on parchment paper so chocolate can settle and harden. Once all berries have been dipped, place strawberries in freezer to allow the chocolate to fully harden. 

8. Before serving, place serving plate in freezer for about 5 minutes so that when serving the chocolate covered strawberries can stay cold and chocolate can stay hard. 

Enjoy! :)

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