Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hooves and Toes

Hello everyone!

These past couple weeks has been full of all kinds of stuff. Where to begin? ...

We had a little incident with the dogs and the baby goats. And to get right to the point, they're all doing fine but it is a little scary what dogs are capable of! Yikes!

Charles feeding the goats with Cadence! The goats love to give Cadence kisses!!

Taking a peak!

Al and one of our goats!

I finally received my Medela Style breast pump. Works great, but Cadence isn't ready for the fast milk flow even on the slowest flowing nipple I could find. We're hoping she will be able to handle a bottle in a few months! So much for hoping to get more sleep. I love to breast feed but honestly, I feel like I'm at it all day. Its even worse at night because she does NOT like to sleep in her crib. She will sleep in anything during the day but for some reason she HAS to sleep skin to skin with me in bed at night. I cherish those moments greatly, but it really does take a toll on your body, physically and mentally.

The garden is coming along and things are becoming greener and more alive looking. The majority of the gaden has been planted or at least prepped but there's still quite a bit of more planting to do and the hoop houses are still waiting to be built. I cannot wait to start helping after I heal more. The front of our lawn is slowly getting worked on too even though its so hard for me to decide how its all going to look. I won't be surprised if I find myself digging out the plants I've already planted and change things up a bit. But that's what gardening all about, right?

PHOTOS: I'm very excited to post the pregnancy pictures Charles and I did about a month ago!! They're BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine what our new pictures of all three of us will turn out. I highly recommend Photos by Kristy if any of you need a photographer in this part of town! :)

2 WEEK CHECK UP:  I took the little one to her 2 week check up last week and her doctor is so impressed with how strong Cadence is. She is now 6 pounds, 10 ounces, 20 1/2" long and can already hold her head up along with very strong kicks. She loves to hold onto my hands and try to pull herself up... she's quite the mover!

As her doctor would say, she's a very 'demanding' baby... as in almost always wanting to have all the attention on her. I don't do well with the MOBY yet but I'm so glad she loves to be strapped in to her daddy. I think she associates eating when I try to use the wrap, so she always fusses and cries because she's confused. But I'd rather her be with her dad for a few hours so I can rest and get a few things done. Its odd though, when I finally start doing something that I want, I see Charles coming around the corner telling me I'm back on mom duty again. That silly girl!

Charles and Cadence

Snuggle time with dad.

A little vitamin D!

Roaming time for the goats in the front yard. 

Charles' small project he did for me! :D

Front of the house... one side.

Making the tree stump look half decent looking... will be changed soon once i have more energy and time... if that will ever happen!!

We unfortunately found out that Miles City's rules on selling our products at the Farmer's Market are pretty strict. For me, it's a total turn off to want to sell anything here but we're going to try hard to change the minds of these rule setters ... wish us luck. Apparently ther key people we need to talk to, are hard to get a hold of, and for me that doesn't that doesn't make sense since this town if VERY small.

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