Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its Been Far Too Long...

We can't really say I'm any good at keeping up with a blog. And with that ... I apologize for making you all wait to read about updates and seen new pictures. To say that I've been busy is an understatement but with that, I hope you all know that I really do feel bad about not keeping up with this blog!


My visit to Minnesota last month was amazing. It seems like the visit was so long ago. Cadence went though many changes and I learned so much about her while my time away from the farm. I think that had to do with the fact that I had more time to give more of my attention to than I do when I'm here with the animals and getting the house in order, (still from our move). I was with Cadence staying at my parents house for almost a month without Charles since he had to head back to Montana to take care of the garden and animals.

I miss Minnesota and my parents everyday. I'm such a MN girl at heart that being in such a flat area in this state becomes a little boring. But then again I'm used to being in an area that allows me more choices for entertainment and good food! :)

I'm sorry about not seeing more friends and family. I didn't realize just how important each nap is for an infant. Cadence needed to be  more on a schedule and I just didn't have the time to schedule outing with more than I could. I hope to those I was supposed to see or were in talks of seeing, I hope we can make things work next time.

So... what's new on the farm? Well... it's the same old, same old! Well, other than now I've painted the walls of our bedroom, kitchen and hallway. Next will be the living room and bathroom. The biggest project yet to come is getting the really old linoleum off the floor, re-patch the cement holes in the floor and apply the wood flooring! I'm so excited to have Cadence crawling on something that won't be too harsh on he knees.

I have finally gotten the hang of milking the goats!! Big accomplishment there! I've been wanting to learn for so long now. But I do have to be honest by saying that I can only milk 2 out of 3 goats. Maggie is just a little too difficult and my hands hurt after the first one! Oy!

Cadence is 15 pounds at almost 4 months of age. She is so vocal, alert and happy for the most part. She is finally sleeping through the majority of the night. Teething has begun! I find her with her finger index finger sitting in her mouth with big 'ol smile on her face! And that's another thing... She smiles like crazy! I'm so lucky to wake up to such a happy little baby! Now we're just working on getting her to get comfortable with being on her belly more and getting her to balance on her feet with the swing her Grandparents, Tom and Helen gaver her at my baby shower.

.... I will add more tomorrow if I can and with some new pictures!! ... And finally ... we now have extremely fast internet! That only took forever!

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