Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Dreams

Hello There!

I've wanted to start a blog months ago to share to friends and the public how to make fun crafts that are personalized, thoughtful, cute, practical and fun! But starting a blog isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. It takes a lot of time and effort and coming up with fresh ideas every month can become difficult sometimes.

I don't make things that are too hard to do yourself and everything I make comes from the heart. I'm alway so impressed with people who can come up with original ideas and once I see a good template, I take those ideas and put my own twist to them.

To begin ...

I have always loved making things with my hands. I love being able to step back from my work and pat myself on the back and fall in love with what I make. I'm a firm believer in doing what you love and hand-made crafts is my calling! I can't say I'm at an expert level, but I do give myself credit for being creative!

For my first 'craft of the month', I'd like to show you how to make Letter Pendants! I was actually having appetizers with my boyfriend at Bryant Lake Bowl waiting for a lane to open, when I noticed our waitress' necklace. They were Scrabble letter pieces with cute, decorative backing and thought.... What a perfect idea!


I'm about 5 months pregnant now and thought what a great gift idea it would be to give those who came to my babyshower personalized Letter Pendants that didn't break the bank buying or making! I liked the idea of Scrabble letters, but since the numbers didn't have significant meaning to anyone I stuck with what I found at Michael's craft store, which were plain wooden rectangles with capital, bold lettering with a hole punched at the top of them! The objective of the gift is for my guests pick the letters to match the initials of their name... each letter has a different paper backing so its more fun to find something that they'll like!

I hope this is just as fun for you as it is for me! Feedback is more than appreciated and can't wait to hear from you!